Ok, since i have no idea of what to do with these "Wikia blogs", ill use it to keep track of my progress : D

'Atmokinesis'At the first days on the wikia, i discovered i have a natural talent for Atmokinesis, i havent been able to train it so much since i had some problems with my energy and chakras. But i did train it a little so im able to create storms and rain, altought storms take lots of time and energy to create, they dont last long, i dont know if its because of my lack of training or because nature likes being a dick to me. Creating rains is kinda easy but again, they dont last long, but the good part is that im at summer and this year summer can get to 40 C so rain helps a little XD.

My tech: I talked to some people that practice Atmokinesis and asked for help, i managed to create a simple but really good tech, i dont know how to explain it but its like i simply let the energy flow away from me until it reaches the clouds, then i imagine them twisting and getting darker until something happens, then i basically lay down on my bed for a couple of minutes, since AtmoK makes me get more tired than Kung Fu.

Energy Manipulation: As the basis for all kinetics and most skills on the site, i started training EM since my first day here, i get better at it everyday, psiballs became really easy to make but i had the same issue as in the Atmokinesis training, my energy wouldnt flow so i was unable to train for 1 week, now that i got better and can use it again, i decided to use it to boost physical strenght and eliminate pain, i guess is Qi Gong but i dont know for sure so ill just let it in the EM category, anyways ive been using it for 4 days by now and im getting good at it, i already used it to protect me from heat and help me lift heavy stuff, thanks to Stormmer and her advices im going to use adrenaline rushes at my favor combining it with the energy thing / Qi gong, i hope this helps me when i go back to Kung Fu.

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