So I'm sure the majority of you (at least those of you whom go on the chat) are aware that i have been promoted to an admin in the place of our beloved Alsy. Now.. I also know there have been complaints. But complaints are good ! They will help me to better myself and to be a better representative of the community, so I really do encourage complaints/feedback and if you have any, post it on my wall or in the comments here

Another thing i ask is that you allow me a little bit of time to adjust to being an admin, I know my behavior in the chat recently has been rather inappropriate for an admin, fresh or not. No excuses and i accept that, and it will be fixed immediately .

I just wanted to say that I'd appreciate all forms of feedback, positive or not, and not to be shy, I don't bite. Really, I don't. And if there is any way I can better myself to please let me know ASAP because I do want whats best for the site and I would hate to be an annoyance to our users.

This sums up my requests, so I would appreciate, again, all comments and feedback.

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