This is a what is possible kind of thing. This will not teach you or provide you any knowledge (at all) that cannot be found on the pages of this wikia. Enjoy. (this also will not cover anything related to future traveling because im not even sure if that's possible with this ~.~ )

I was thinking earlier about this. What could someone achieve with a mastery or even adept ability to perform chronokinesis ? Well as i thought this something happened to me and i though "if only i could undo that ! " and the like. Well... Chronokinesis could grant me that. I could be a world renown smart a--. Really. Imagine just being able to smack someone you hate in the face and just watching as the hands of time flipped backward. You could murder, and then unmurder. You could live your life as a criminal and then change it all ! See dead family members again ( although you would have to be careful not to screw up your future) and basically the world would be a playground. No consequences because you can simply undo what you did ! its actually stunning what is possible with it . Enough to make me stop in my tracks and be speechless as i thought of this. Imagine. Basically its like being immortal all in the same lifetime. Spending hundreds of dollars (or whatever your currency) to travel the world and see the sites and just explore everything, then going back and reliving your life an entirely different way. Its a beautiful thing, really. It makes the world seem so less defined and so much more.. malleable .Just the thought of it mind you, makes the world seem like..making a vase out of clay. Mess up ? Oh, lets just fix that real quick. Think of it. "oh here, let me change this so i didnt break up with so-and-so" or "i kinda wanna know what life would be like if i married 'this person' " or even if you just feel so angry and want someone to take it out on you could grab a pedestrian, or even a cop and just beat the life out of them (assuming they dont shoot you) and then just go back to before you did that and act perfectly calm ! To me, chronokinesis seems like a god-like ability. Simply for this reason. it gives you the ability to change the world directly over and over. And really that in itself it amazing. Just ponder the possibilities . You'll be amazed.

And incase you didnt notice, this was ignoring the massive amount of energy required to go back and change your entire life .-.  -Kile-contact me

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