Well. The title pretty much sums everything up. I'm leaving the psi-wikia staff, and I don't plan on coming back. I've got a wagon load of health issues to deal with, have to fix up my car, the swim team is coming up so I have to get ready for that. But those are all just... little reasons. Honestly I don't want to be here anymore. Remember when people were basically harassing Lesami and calling her male and all of that ? Yeah, well I have no intention of helping run a site full of jerks. A lot of you are good people, but not enough to keep me here. I'm truthfully tired of stopping everyone's arguments, or watching the chat when all of the mods were off doing something (IMO Eins was one of the best chatmods I've ever seen. ) Anyways, most of these reasons dont really matter anymore with the "Community Site" up and running but I dont want to be on there either, and if you want an honest reason why its because of how Truely and oka talk about it . I mean the second oka urged Truely to tell the staff some news which was that "Okas co-owner" I was done. In an instant I didn't like the site, or what it would become. I was done. Just that little bit of wording ruined it for me . I mean if they want me to come and manage the staff that comes to maintain the wiki, yeah sure. I'll do it . But independently . And I would prefer to be the one who picks the staff. Anyways back on track with this, I don't plan to come back. I might even switch usernames and bounce around on OECs. I might just leave the OECs as a whole and cut out this part of my life. I might even remove these sites from my browser history so I wont be tempted. Oh well. Point is, I'm leaving the staff after almost a year of being on the site ! (this blog was written 8-11-2014, I joined 8-29-2013) and in that time ive been a chatmod for who knows how long, and an admin for six months. So not bad, kudos to me . Goodbye.

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