Hi, I'm Kile (or Virgo, or Pineapple ) and I operate on a simple law of the world, however my beliefs may differ from the norm. I believe everything has a price, and that price is more often than not paid. Every 'gift' every talent every trump card anyone in existence has, has a price. Something they knowingly or not sacrificed to get it. My belief extends to physical disabilities similar to how the senses when one is less efficient than the others. One thing is lacking so the others perform better the account for the loss. Just because someone cannot walk does not mean they are weaker, but rather better than you in some different area. Perhaps they are stronger in their arms than you, or smarter than you, more cunning. In some way they will be better in another area whether it be physical, spiritual, energetic, mental, etc. The bigger a price a person pays the more they 'excel' in something else. Even though I explained this in a less than ideal way, that's what I believe right down to the core of my being. I'm not known for being a serious person, but this is in all seriousness one of many things I believe about the world and is something I will defend with the last breath of every life I live.

Now, many of my beliefs about the world,people, basically anything actually manage to contradict themselves. That's because I believe (and hopefully you'll agree) that the world is so big (this one and the next) that there's probably going to be at least one exception to almost everything. There's no way you can say one thing, and have that thing define something indefinitely because nothing can be permanently set in stone. Things change and there are exceptions to everything. ( Kudos to me, for saying the same thing multiple times in different ways ! )

Anyways to me that's one of the flaws in psionic sites like this one. I mean just about anywhere you go there's going to be some part of the site that says "this is how the afterlife or some other world works" or they try to explain something and permanently define it one way when its not always like that . I mean.. you cant just define an entire world perfectly ! Its a freakin' world ! Very few, if any, set laws of a world can include everything in its existence . But hey, that's personal opinion. Agree or don't.

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