What is a Tulpa ?

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No one else can see or hear your Tulpa but you

Tulpa's are a mental representation of the subconscience that is given shape by sheer force of thought that interacts with all five senses.To elaborate, Tulpa may be visual, but only to the person who created it, as even if the creator sees it, the Tulpa would be a forced hallucination (which there will be techs for later ).

The subconscious is normally dormant, and the conscience has no say in what it does. But to the psionics or spiritualists that's not true, for we try to awake a small piece of the subconscious in order to communicate with it. In a way a Tulpa could be 'interface' for that. But really they are so much more.

Why would I want a Tulpa ?

Tulpa can do many things that could directly relate to your training in psionics, and could help you with many things throughout your life. Because remember they will have separate opinions, beliefs, and reactions to many things because they are another person entirely, the two of you just happen to share a body (and one of you created the other). Tulpa can even alter your dreams or help with remembering them, and much more which will be discussed in the next topic.

What can a Tulpa do?

A tulpa is able to give you advice on just about anything, seeing as how it is like another person, and may even refuse to give you advice or not have any say on the topic. They can also interfere with your dreams which has proven to help veterans get over their flashbacks from the war and soothe nightmares.

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