Preface: I currently have 3 techniques which I am still working on so edits and new techniques will be made as I progress.


Sonokinesis is the psychokinetic ability to maninpulate sound.


Sound Ball:

1. Create a psi ball

2. Visualize the energy as vibrations carrying a sound you want or visualize the Psi Ball vibrating and giving off sound (it's good to hum it out first)

3. Program the psi ball to play the sound from the vibrations given off (keep adding energy to it)

Mute Room:

1. Go to a room with noise but not too much (so you can concentrate)

2. Visualize sound waves (vibrations) all around you

3. Visualize the sound waves calming down and then becoming still

Pitch Zone:

1. Go to a quiet room

2. Visualize sound waves all around you

3. Visualize all the sound waves around you becoming at a steady level in one note (Hum the note out first)

P.S. I haven't made any progress yet. I just started practicing it but I will keep you guys updated in the chatroom. Feel free to modify this technique and put it in the comments. Also post tips in the comments if you have any.

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