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    September 1, 2014 by LadyScarletSin

    All staff shuffling is going to be put on hold, while things are discussed.

    Please take this time to suggest in private what could be done to better things.

    Anything that you think could be done to keep things together, tell me how you honestly feel in private about the situation and what could be done.

    The community cannot be unbiased, in public eye, and I can see that things are going to hell right now.

    Thank you,


    Lesami has had her powers temporarily returned as we do not have the man power right now to be removing all rights. Especially when two of our staff aren't even available for the most part.

    The vote is not being questioned. But your opinion can change that, if enough desire to change that decision. Again, PM me whenever I am on,…

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  • LadyScarletSin

    I have set up a chatlogger bot, all who are for it keeping track of the chats situation, allowing us to get around the "You need screenshot proof" for the mainchat.

    This will not infringe on any PM's sent, so you have privacy there, but that means if rules are broken in PM you need to take screenshots still.

    Please comment on if you'd like to have this bot, I will leave it up for the night, since its mainly a test run.

    It will only help the community, as it keeps us from being confused on what to do if someone is breaking the rules.

    This simply optimizes the "You need proof of the situation" aslong as its in mainchat for the incident.

    If this goes through it will allow us to get the Chatlogger to have the Bot rank, allowing it to run without ad…

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