I have set up a chatlogger bot, all who are for it keeping track of the chats situation, allowing us to get around the "You need screenshot proof" for the mainchat.

This will not infringe on any PM's sent, so you have privacy there, but that means if rules are broken in PM you need to take screenshots still.

Please comment on if you'd like to have this bot, I will leave it up for the night, since its mainly a test run.

It will only help the community, as it keeps us from being confused on what to do if someone is breaking the rules.

This simply optimizes the "You need proof of the situation" aslong as its in mainchat for the incident.

If this goes through it will allow us to get the Chatlogger to have the Bot rank, allowing it to run without adding to the recent changes list, which will allow us to optimize its performance, making it available to send logs every 10-15 minutes instead of 30 minutes or an hour, which will still flood the changes list, if I leave it on all night.

30 minutes over 8 hours is 16 additions, this will almost completely overtake the recent changes list.

This will allow us to maintain a stronger security on this wiki against harassment, spam, and many disputes, by having logs of the incidents on our end, instead of having to hope that you took a screenshot ( or 20 ).

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