Good evening (or respective time zone depending)

while on the chat i constantly hear conversation of pages being flagged for deletion, or those which could not be deleted but no real functional system that allows for fair page control and validation, thus i would like to propose an idea i've run by another staff member already, it is a two stage method of validating and researching proposed pages abilities and techniques

when it comes down to it proving the existence of ability relies on looking at its base principles and relating them to one of five states of matter, solids, liquids, gases, plasmas and energies, we can already accept that that geo, hydro, aero, pyro and electro function, but regardless i'll get to the point, over outright getting rid of pages i would suggest placing them in a to be validated, this goes through several stages, first looking at its base elements both magically and scientifically, then handing it over to willing practitioners to see if its possible over a time frame they set under 4 months, if stage one is passed the page is kept under a to be performed context over a to be validated,

while quite rough around the edges in its refinement, i feel it has some basis to consider this method as a working method to deal with disputed pages and abilities

i hope that i can contribute to making this website move ahead smoother and more efficiently with my contributions

thank you for reading - lesami

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