Hello peoples (or whatever it is you may be). I've been looking through notes I wrote during my first year of training, and I found something you might want to know how to do. It helps shield your mind from undesirable vibes and purges you of negative things (I don't know why some people want that, but ok, whatever).  Like the blog title says, the technique is called the "Shield of Light". Anyways, without further adieu, the tech.

First, you must sit down with your back straight and feet on the floor (I find that you can also do this lying down or standing up). Next, start breathing deeply. Now I want you to imagine all negative energy inside you going into the ground and disapearing. Start visualizing this from the feet, then go all the way up to the head, concentrating on different body parts with every breath you take. After you reach the head, start visualizing light energy coming into your body every time you inhale and going to your third eye chakra and dan tien. When you exhale, visualize the light energy in your dan tien exploding all throughout your body and the energy in your third eye flowing out of the top of your head like a fountain and covering your entire body with light energy. Do this several times. After at least 5 times visualizing this, say a mantra in your head similar to this "I am surrounded and protected by the Shield of Light, no negative energy or bad things can exist within this shield." while still visualizing the same thing. (I find that you only need to think your personal mantra once, but you can do it several times if you wish) Just repeat the visualization a few more times after you think the mantra, and when you feel that it's strong enough, you can stop.

Well, there you have it, the "Shield of Light." If you remind me, I found a similar technique called the "Shield of Darkness" (and to be honest, I prefer the Shield of Darkness tech over this one). When I get around to it, I'll post the technique. Until I do, may the darkness consume your foes and keep you shrouded from the dangers of this horrific realm.

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