From my oh so short time here, I have gleaned from the many pages and comments and forums, that people have lost faith in their minds, in their souls even.

I see talk of whether it is possible, and that it breaks the laws of science.

But my friend, the thing we gave the name of reality to is but a cosmic giggle. And I believe one thing remains constant throughout each bubble of this giggle, I believe this one thing is magic.

Not rituals, or spells, or wands or anything. But an energy, connected to the souls and minds of every sentient race. Magic is the essence, the bubbles and fizz of this cosmic giggle, and it doesn't need to obey the rules that one cropping of life made up on some planet in a system it didn't even notice was there.

Do not think we are limited beings, on this cosmic giggle called reality, you need to tap into your true potential. And who know's, maybe you will one day make your own super giggle, and this post will be written again, by a different typer.

Much gentlefruityness


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