• MINDMAN112

    Hello To All

    May 3, 2014 by MINDMAN112

    Hello, and of corse, I have been studying all of the mental things ever since i was smart enough to look things up on the internet. Now up to this point, you think that i believe in everything that the internet has to say about anything. Now, to be fair, I do way beyond the reseach that i do. For example, I go to about 20-30 different web-pages every time I want to know something. Plus, I can prove that i have done correct reseach because I can do some of the things that only the most of idiotic people would think of. All of the things that I have been able to acomplish will be listed below. Since we live in a world that moives have rotted our minds, no one believes that I have been able to do anything. These people watch me do it and I fe…

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