Hello, and of corse, I have been studying all of the mental things ever since i was smart enough to look things up on the internet. Now up to this point, you think that i believe in everything that the internet has to say about anything. Now, to be fair, I do way beyond the reseach that i do. For example, I go to about 20-30 different web-pages every time I want to know something. Plus, I can prove that i have done correct reseach because I can do some of the things that only the most of idiotic people would think of. All of the things that I have been able to acomplish will be listed below. Since we live in a world that moives have rotted our minds, no one believes that I have been able to do anything. These people watch me do it and I feel stupid at the moment that I try to do this, but since i have conviced a friend into believing in these, I did it without a problem. of course my friend can as well because he knew it was real, and that you can do it. In order to do all these things, you don't have to be born to do them, but infact anyone can. There is a part of the brain in which is inactive to these abilities and you have to actually have to kick start that and there you go. Unfortunately, it's like talking with a baby, if you don't do it constantly, then your mind goes back into that hibernation state of mind. Enough talking lets see all the things that i can do, and if you want you can do as well. You will have to do reshearch on psiwiki to find out what these are and how to do them...

Telekinesis-This is the amazing ability to move objects with your mind

Biokinesis-You can change your appearance with only the thoughts in your mind

In the process of being made... Sorry...  : (

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