aka Morrigan

  • I live in Canada
  • I was born on April 27
  • My occupation is Social Service Worker (In Training)
  • I am Male (Lycan)
  • ML88

    Hello, Psiwiki. I am ML88.

    It has been roughly 3 1/2 years since I left this website last (c. Fall 2014), but after feeling that I am really needed of this place and the information it contains...I AM BACK PSIWIKI! I used to be one of the big faces on the site here from 2013-2014 but after that I apologize due to life situations...I had to stop and needed to take care of personal things and also take the journey off-line to truly live and experience it! I am ready to come back, get back into training and also bring my wisdom to the site once more!

    I am a former teacher here on this site and also over on PsiWarriors (2013-2014) and was a member of the PsiWarriors counsel (2014) before the site was shut down and Bal Domel started up his Psion …

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  • ML88

    Hello Psiwiki members, its ML88 here to pitch to you a new idea that I have had, okay we all know how it is that we have a whole wack load of things on this site, Abilites Directory, Videos and even a forum (dont know how used it is though...) but then it hit me, why not a PODCAST!! :D

    I have made a site (link at the bottom) and for the next two days I will leave my tester episode up on the site, and you guys can post your comments here on the blog posting to se if I should go through with it or not. Plz listen and enjoy

    -ML88 (Chat Mod and Scanner)

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  • ML88

    Hello, ML88 founder of the psionic scientists here to go over some promotions that have been long since overdue and a change to who is going to be in charge (division and group wise).

    • Torquil (Energy)
    • Torque007 (Non-Elemental)

    • vvbb18 (ESP)
    • All one (Kinetics)

    • HeroOfTheEightChakras has been demoted to Mentor Level I (Stormmer's request)
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  • ML88

    Wicca Week 5 of 52.

    May 6, 2013 by ML88

    Hello, psi wiki another weekly blog coming at you from ML88. This week is rather interesting. Last week was all about the term deity and this week is; Week 5 The Goddess. So this week I will be learning about Her and everything assosiated with The Maiden, Mother and Crone.

    1. Define Wicca
    2. The History of Wicca
    3. The Wiccan Rede
    4. What is Deity?

    Now lets hope i can continue this amazing journey to becoming Wiccan!!

    peace till next week


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  • ML88

    Wiccan Week 4 of 52

    April 30, 2013 by ML88

    Hello and time of another Wiccan blog with ML88 to start the 4th week. This Week is all about WHAT IS DEITY. I will have to learn stuff about Gods and Godesses alike, before I have to learn about them specifically in weeks 5 and 6.

    Week 1: What is Wicca?

    Week 2: The History of Wicca.

    Week 3: The Wiccan Rede.

    I am really enjoying learning new things and will hopfully keep my intrest up and stick it out of the rest of the weeks.


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