Alrightly guys and girls, its time to put the Psionic Scientists into action. I have finished my wiki (and the link will be posted at the botton of this blog) and it is now ready for The Psionic Scientists to move to it. The reason I created a seperate wiki is so that we can post trials and errors on it and post information for our group to acknowledge before putting it on the psiwiki.


go to the link at the bottom of the page and create yourself a prolfile page of the Psionic Scientists wiki then post on my message wall that you have made a profile page (so I know you are on my wiki), then at the end of the day (either today or tommorw) I will post the first step into our studies of Psionics.

Ps. I have already made the group pages on the wiki but for now leave them, because ones I select group leaders, they will be the ones edditing the pages.

If you wish to join the Psionic Scientists (and we have lots of room) just put your e-mail and what skill you wish to specialize in and I'll get back to you

- ML88

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