I am in need of a group of five Psionic Scientists (or even Non-Psionic Scientists) to aide me with retreaving some information on a pertcular group of people if you ewant to help please apply on my wall leaving the information on the details that follow.

Kind of people i would like to have in my group are:

  • People of age 15 and over
  • being part of the Psi wiki for 2 Months or more
  • Masered 1 or more skills
  • Have a hatred for death threats

If you have all of these qualifications leave a message on my wall with all of the appropriate information and i will get back to you. Ones your in you will find out what we are doing.

That is all for now I wil post a list in a wek with the results for who is on the team:

(Ps. admins please dont delete this blog , leave it for at least a week before you do anything rash)

-ML88 (headmaster of the psionic scientists)

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