Hello everyone. I am MageMelissa I know I'm not such a relevant figure but i have been on the wikia for at least a half a year now and I think that now I should leave.

I'm leaving because this wikia scares me. i've heard so much about drama and trolling and such from various members and a bevy of other issues being dealt with and it seems like a disaster area. i didn't get on much because i decided that i should stay away from things like this but then recently my account was hacked and vandalized. I have no idea how long it's been like that because i havent looked at my profile in a while. That is why I am leaving.

I really just can't handle the thought that our accounts are in immediate danger of being hacked. i've had friends and family who have dealt with stuff like this and it can be pretty bad. So to remove myself from danger I am leaving. Please good luck to everyone and I hope for the best to all of you.

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