What if there is a bullet you can not dodge? What if all possibilities leads to your death? But if your death will lead to the freedom of everyone, revealing the truth beyond the lie. Will you choose death and free everyone or choose life and damn everyone?

What if this world is not real? All there is, is just the illusion of the mind, the true reality does exist but outside the view that we see or sense and/or feel. What then do we do, continue living a lie, or leave it completely behind to confront the complete and utter truth?

Forget everything for fear of the truth in order to live the life of a lie or choose to remember everything in order to free yourself and thus everyone you can?

Become the hero of everyone's heart and die in the field of battles or choose to live a life of a coward and never once confronting your fears?

What then? Fated to live/die or freewill to choose?

I ask these questions because if it comes the time for the opening of the curtains, and one soul is willing to be erase for everyone's sake. Will there still be hope remaining in the true world or will be damn anyway? As long as hope remains then one life is a willing sacrifice for everyone's freewill to choose between life/death, truth/lie, forget/remember, and or fate/freewill.


If there is a gift that someone wishes to give to you, and you choose not to accept it.  Who does the gift belong to?

So what then will happen to the gift of the bullet that can not be dodged? If the recipients wish not to accept it.  LOL

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