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Dream log as at 8 Nov 2012

Metha Metharom

had an interesting dream/nightmarewhere majority of people was taken up to various part of the galaxiesleaving earth open for attacka total desertwhere though electricity was runningthere was no one to run itno one knew when it will all end 5:25am

Axel Dawson

Good thing you didn't dream of an icy landscape because electricity needs SOME heat to run. 5:25am

Metha Metharom

some people were being hypnotized or partial robotsand was killing off all the survivors or taking them as prisoners 5:26am

David Hetherington

( -_-; ) 5:27am

Metha Metharom

the world in essence had run its courses 5:27am

Aura Elisiel

Mystogan, I had a similar dream to that a few nights ago o_____o 5:27am

Metha Metharom

because it had become little more than a wastelandwith very few people on itfor those who survived it was a continuous attack from other civilizations or harsh weatherand our resources became target from the people of the stars 5:29am

Aura Elisiel

Mine was, as always, post apocalyptic. Usually my dreams stay on earth and are about what would happen if it all ended. This one was earth ended and the remaining survivors were abducted 5:29am

Metha Metharom

oil, gases, rocks, gold,and so on 5:29am

Aura Elisiel

And they split everyone up and sent us to interrogation roomsIt was such a kick associated dream though.

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