Ok I am only writing this because this subject appeared in the chat.

Ki - inner energy, the life force of yourself.

Psi - more of a way to control energy rather than energy itself, i.e. He psychically toss a car over the bridge.

Cosmic Energy - the life force of the all, the universal energy.  Can be switched to.

Primal Force - the bestial instinct, the base primal, volatile energy that all animals/humans have.  Can be triggered.

Magic - more of a way to control energy, i.e. He magically made a ball appear in thin air, though some has defined it as a life force as well, i.e, magic exists inside and outside us, it is the all, the nothing, the everything.

Chakra - a sytem of energy points classification, i.e, third eye chakra, sacral chakra, heart chakra, and so on.

Dantien - a system of energy points classification, i.e. upper dantien, lower dantien and middle dantien.

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