The Arts, the title of this book refers to the Magic, the Psionics, the Energy works or Chi Works.  It is the inner workings and the outer workings of the world

There are 7 Arts, each referring to a school of thought

The Arts

  • ·        Creation</li>
  • ·         Destruction</li>
  • ·         Divine</li>
  • ·         Dragon</li>
  • ·         Death</li>
  • ·         Demonic</li>
  • ·         Elemental</li>

    Each of these arts flows through three different methods, which shall be discussed here.

    The Methods

  • ·         Imagery</li>
  • ·         Words</li>
  • ·         Action</li>

    Imagery pertains to pictures, images, symbols, runes or sigils.

    Words pertains to chants, prayers, incantations, which raises or lower vibrations.

    Action pertains to thoughts, direct force of will, and the actual act of doing.

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