The Eight Roads to Kingship or The Path of Kings is the code all "Kings" should follow in order to rule oneself, and thus lead the way to a more balance existence.

==The Roads ==

1. Balance

2. Honour

3. Righteousness

4. Contentment

5. Conscience

6. Love

7. Discipline

9. Prioritization

===Balance ===

Balance, the most important road to follow in the Eight Roads to Kingship refers to balancing what is within the self, and without.  It is a juggling act between what is right, what is wrong, what you want, what you need, what you don't want, what you don't need, what must be done, and what can't be done.  To balance is to become balance.

===Honour ===

Honour is to show humility and pride for what you have achieve, success or failure, you must accept them be prideful or feel shame for them.  No one is perfect but one can strive for it.

===Righteousness ===

Righteousness, is to make the right decision and to stick with them.  If it was the wrong decision then admit your wrongful act.  This is what righteousness is, to do what is right, and act accordingly.

===Contentment ===

Contentment, is to be satisfied with your lot in life, to know when is enough, and when to walk away.  Material item can make you feel happy but it is only fleeting, when you die, you can not take them with you.  Be satisfy with what you have and you feel content within the self.

===Conscience ===

Conscience, is to do what is right, according to your feelings inside.  If the action goes against the feeling then you are harming and hurting yourself, so strive to become conscientious in order to follow the right path that is best for you and others within your life.

===Love ===

Love is to show caring, and compassion to all things, love the things you have, and do not have, your friends, family, your station, your achievements, love all that you see, and not forgetting to love yourself or the world, by doing so love will always be true.

===Discipline ===

Discipline, is to do what is necessary despite not liking the hardship of it.  It is to do despite the challenges and obstacles set forth by the self and the others.  It is to gain control over oneself so that one does not sway from their chosen path in life.

===Prioritization ===

Prioritization, is to separate what needs to be done, in manageable time.  To do all that is required within a limit space of time.  By doing so, work will not overload and you do not become unbalance.

The paths are here as guidelines, it is not needed to be followed in order to gain ruler ship over the self, but it is certainly a good way of becoming the leader of your own life.


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