Hello guys, it's me, AJ, or Neko, as most of you know me. For those who don't me, don't worry, I don't know you either //shot

But guys, I'm here to talk about very important things (at least to me) that I observed.

My natural abilities, like Precognition and Empathy, were at its peak during the months of April, May and June. I mean, my dreams are all about what will happen tomorrow and junk, and I was adjusting to it. As for my Empathy, I could connect to people instantly and sense even the deepest wretches of their hearts. As I said, I was just getting used to it, and as I was starting to feel comfortable around it, it suddenly weakened. Even my psychometry ability went back to level 1, but I don't think I have enough time to practice it again (because, y'know, school. And Math. And my garden. And Super Typhoon Yolanda).

The only abilities I saved was my ability to control emotions (Pathokinesis) and Energy Absorption (I'm not a bad guy!). But I'm worried that this ability will also reduce, considering how much time I spent on it, perfecting it.

The question is: do I still have the chance to recover my ability? Do you have any tips on how I could have them like how I have them in those three fruitful months?

Thank you for taking your time. Also, please pray for the Philippines (or wish us luck) because, after a raging 7.2 magnitude in Bohol, a super typhoon is currently crushing us (I mean, dang, it's raining so hard in here that my classmate's mini house in her dish garden got torn into pieces).

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