It happened on a thursday afternoon, a day after our semi-finals exam (which I miserably passed) I started to go in Psi Wiki to log in and maybe say 'hi' to everyone online. I tried to log in my primary account (which is this, 96neko) and I was *REALLY* shocked to see the message:

"You have requested for a new password." (or something like that)

I panicked. Literally. Nobody has ever did that to me. But luckily, I remembered what e-mail I used. So I used the confirmation e-mail to get the temporary password. I got my password back and I lived happily ever after.

But I would never do anything to change my password. I don't forget my password that easily [even if my head always forget where I'd put my pen]. Looks like someone tried Phishing My account. Bummer.

But guys, Be alert. If you become a victim of phishing, you should really report it to any of the staffs in this wikia.

Ways to keep your account safe:

  1. Most phishing users use "forgot password" button. LOL. So yeah, they need to access your e-mail first. It's good if you use a secure password and not some cliche and predictable passwords such as "12345".
  2. If you can, suggest tips on the comments. I am a very lazy person.

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