(This is completely random)

Let me just share my comments about the new design..

  • FIRST REACTION: What the... Why is it dark.. wait... OMG. The design. Torquil. aw yis. YIS. YIIIIIIIS~
  • BACKGROUND: Gives out an awesome aura... like this is a valuable and precious treasure hidden for years and people try to find it or something like that... /shot
  • BORDERS/FONTS/BUTTONS: Dark and muted (which I adore) yet gives out that mysterious feeling and a message saying that Psi Wiki is very mysterious.
  • LOGO: No comment. Just lots of love. Can't explain it, yet it feels so cool...

I'm really sorry if I offended anyone with my statement.. I'm just expresing my opinion through my blogpost /shottodeath

 NekoChan96\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\Message Me! 

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