Just a few days from now, I'd resume my studies and boring life at my school. Despite of it, I think I love this school (by school, I mean my class).


You know why? Simple: The classroom is full of fools. They aren't even optimistic like me. It seems they've been trapped in old folks' beliefs and everything, even ghosts and ghouls, and witches and curses!

For example,

Someone shouts in the classroom, "OMG ITS DECEMBER 21, 2012 ITS THE END OF THE WORLD", they will start panicking like it's really doomsday, While I'm just watching them, thinking to myself, "Why am I even here."

Like one time. It was the first week of October and it was like a festival in the school. They watched some movies at the classroom of the 5th graders (READ: Amateurs',' but that was really nice) and I was just there, sitting (Because my friends dragged me into the room). Then, a teacher slammed the see-through door wide open, disrupting their movie time. The teacher was like "OMG DIDN'T YOU FEEL THE EARTHQUAKE?!?!?!?!"

Everyone stood there, staring past the teacher.

Nobody felt that on the second floor of the building. But I did feel a little shake. I was glad that NOBODY except me felt the shake, or else the room would be total chaos.

And everyone else was like "SAY WHAAAT~" then started panicking out of the room. Oh, their faces. It just amuses me that one tiny shock THAT DIDN'T EVEN REACHED THE ROOM FOR CRYING OUT LOUD made them go crybaby. Everyone panicked, starting prayers and stuff, and I was sent home along with my cousins home on a fear of the aftershock. SERIOUSLY PEOPLE?! THAT EARTHQUAKE WILL HAVE AN AFTERSHOCK?!

But, I'm looking forward to trick them. *Insert creepy smile here*

Have a good day!

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