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  • NiddHogg

    A simple question

    November 3, 2017 by NiddHogg

    what would the difference truly be if psionics where to be replaced with cybernetic enhancements?

    what if these cybernetics where built up then merged with psi?

    I suppose what I'm asking is, if someone rebuilt psi from the ground up only to make a stronger version how would people feel about it?

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  • NiddHogg

    so what i plan to do is list some experiments to test various Psionic abilities That You...yeah You person reading this article, can do AT HOME!!

    Warning this is a work in progress post


    The best way to test this ability i believe, is to try and effect the growth of plants.

    So yeah you will need

    3 seeds of the same plant

    3 pots for the seeds same size, shape and material

    A measuring stick

    Something to water the plants with


    A bag of fertilizer/soil with enough for all three

    Now what you are going to do is plant all seeds in their own pot, about 1-3 inches deep in the soil, its important for them all to use the same soil and get the same amount of water and sunlight each day.

    Now one plant will be special this plant will be treated with ps…

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  • NiddHogg

    So, the experiment went a bit like this,The device was off and Three people where told that the device was on and to try Aerokinesis at night (something A lot of Aerokinetics find challenging) They tried But gained no results.

    Then I turned it On and Had them try again, they thought it was Off and where Successful.

    This was to test if the placebo Effect was responsible for earlier Positives. of course further testing is still required( About three more times with different test subjects)

    Now I should consider the ethics of what might happen if My research goes anywhere, Sure psionic Healing has great benefits, But the Idea of a pyromaniac using pyrok and being unable to be found as I imagine tracking him will be hard since there would be no …

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  • NiddHogg

    Ok so Ive decided to post my Notes regarding my research and experimentation regarding psi and potential amplification of abilities, So ill start listing my experiments and their outcomes, So I'll let you guys/gals decide which Notes I release first, ill start by listing them off as well as some of the problems and experimental errors gained in the first trials.

    *Aerokinesis - Amplification of aerokinesis is barely noticeable could just be placebo(though minor AeroK was seen indoors), the Air ionizers used may not have been strong enough, though there are several potential concepts for improvement.
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  • NiddHogg

    Ok here they are

    1. Air summon( got to give it an rpg style name) Raise your hands and imagine energy charging the air around you causing the wind to blow.

    2. Air summon V2. Start by closing your eyes and focusing on the air around you, next imagine where you want to wind to start from, them force the energy to that area and imagine it crushing the air and exploding out into wind

    3.whirlWind(Not always effective) Make the wind blow in two seperate locations, So that they will collide, then imagine the wind at the collision point spinning and forming a vortex

    4.WhirlWind(Hard version, works better with leaves) Make the wind blow and imaging it bending around and swirling into a vortex

    Sorry if they seem a little vauge I dont know how to explain…

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