Ok here they are

1. Air summon( got to give it an rpg style name) Raise your hands and imagine energy charging the air around you causing the wind to blow.

2. Air summon V2. Start by closing your eyes and focusing on the air around you, next imagine where you want to wind to start from, them force the energy to that area and imagine it crushing the air and exploding out into wind

3.whirlWind(Not always effective) Make the wind blow in two seperate locations, So that they will collide, then imagine the wind at the collision point spinning and forming a vortex

4.WhirlWind(Hard version, works better with leaves) Make the wind blow and imaging it bending around and swirling into a vortex

Sorry if they seem a little vauge I dont know how to explain them better,Maybe someone with better experience writting psi techs can better explain this, hopefully these can help people learn AeroK

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