So, the experiment went a bit like this,The device was off and Three people where told that the device was on and to try Aerokinesis at night (something A lot of Aerokinetics find challenging) They tried But gained no results.

Then I turned it On and Had them try again, they thought it was Off and where Successful.

This was to test if the placebo Effect was responsible for earlier Positives. of course further testing is still required( About three more times with different test subjects)

Now I should consider the ethics of what might happen if My research goes anywhere, Sure psionic Healing has great benefits, But the Idea of a pyromaniac using pyrok and being unable to be found as I imagine tracking him will be hard since there would be no known evidence.

Atmok would benefit many people suffering from a drought, But How Much do you want to bet that Weather warfare would become a thing(I think I'd rather risk climate change)

Telepathy would require a massive shift in the way people behave(Well At least if someone is lying/Cheating you'll know) A more Honest society Sure, Paranoid But Honest,Also If you have OCD You won't get any friends since most people Don't understand it.

AeroK,Air purification at the cost that Skirts will no longer be worn in public

Remote viewing, I'm sure The Government would Love this, No more Bad guys, And no more privacy, taking a shower feels more Like A Show-er(Get it?)

All this being said I think Ill need to create a device to counteract Psi and Esp As If anyone thinks that Amplified psi will be used for good 100% of the time, They are deluding themselves and should read a history book and ask what if /Insert bad guy Name Here/ had access

if anyone here has an Idea on Some safety measures Please Tell me.