so what i plan to do is list some experiments to test various Psionic abilities That You...yeah You person reading this article, can do AT HOME!!

Warning this is a work in progress post


The best way to test this ability i believe, is to try and effect the growth of plants.

So yeah you will need

3 seeds of the same plant

3 pots for the seeds same size, shape and material

A measuring stick

Something to water the plants with


A bag of fertilizer/soil with enough for all three

Now what you are going to do is plant all seeds in their own pot, about 1-3 inches deep in the soil, its important for them all to use the same soil and get the same amount of water and sunlight each day.

Now one plant will be special this plant will be treated with psi each day in an attempt to promote growth

After a month measure the growth of each plant, if you are successful then the growth of the psi plant will be different from the other two.

Ok next up is cyro/pyro kinesis Now this one requires

a thermometer

A stop watch

Something to write down the different times on


3 glasses of water

Now for pyrok, you want to cool down the water below room temperature, measure the first two glasses to see how long it takes for them to heat up to room temperature

Now the third glass try to heat it up with psi to room temperature time it

If it worked the third glass will have reached room temperature at a different time then the others

For cryok do the same but start with hot water and try and cool down the control cup

More experiments to come if you guys want me to make some more just ask

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