Ok so Ive decided to post my Notes regarding my research and experimentation regarding psi and potential amplification of abilities, So ill start listing my experiments and their outcomes, So I'll let you guys/gals decide which Notes I release first, ill start by listing them off as well as some of the problems and experimental errors gained in the first trials.

*Aerokinesis - Amplification of aerokinesis is barely noticeable could just be placebo(though minor AeroK was seen indoors), the Air ionizers used may not have been strong enough, though there are several potential concepts for improvement.
* Plant growth(argokinesis)- samples were treated improperly by assistants, one plant received a different brand of fertilizer, though is the obvious Flaw is not a factor(as in the different brand didn't have any effect On the plant's growth), then psi may indeed have an effect on plant growth.
  • pyroKinesis - this one Hasn't been tested By me yet, and is currently being tested.

  • Electrokinesis - so far the subject was able to induce a pulsing effect on a New light Bulb, While I wasn't involved with this test Im suspicious that the light bulb could be defective or damaged.
  • Technokinesis - Currently no tests are planned for this ability
  • Hydrokinesis - Not tested though a few Ideas are being tested
  • Photokinesis - Not tested and experiments aren't thought of yet.
  • Chrono/cryo/vita - Currently no tests are planned for these abilities yet.

Now im going to get some sleep I haven't had any and its almost 6:00 am, good night and If I messed up(Like grammar) Just let me know See ya

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