Umbrakinesis is a very powerful ability. One that can replicate effects of other abilities, whilst still having it's own personality and maintaining it's place as one of the rarest and underused abilites, with a lot of misconceptions.

Firstly the dark energy error. I get this so many times, people view energy as either positive, neutral or negative. There are a few problems with this but I am sticking to the ones involving umbrak. Firstly, energy has personality, It is majorly dependant on the person but some energy excels in healing and has a normal growth in aggresive actions. Dark energy is one such energy, it excels in aggresive actions. Likewise the name dark energy is simply describing its form, whilst it is possible to make Dark energy invisible, it's natural form is blackness, like a floating ball of thick shadows. But always remember, using umbrakinesis does not give you an excuse to abuse your powers and be evil, energy doesnt control you, you control you.

Back to the subject, how to learn Umbrakinesis. Below is a 

The Umbra ball learning method is to simply, focus your umbra energy into your hands, and pull it upward into a ball of energy, the first result you will see is seeing the energy in small amounts, in random shapes. The more you practice this the betterr your umbra EC will develop, and your third eye will get better at convertin Psi into Umbra, or if you have already performed an Umbra TEA for ease, your Umbra third eye will be getting stronger.

The other steps are obvious, but I will type them:

Try and trigger a dream about Umbra energy, or you using umbrakinesis. This method, otherwise known as dream training or dream ability development is so that your mind is working on taking down the mental blocks holding you back, and to also internally improve you ability a bit whilst helping you mind manifest that ability. Yes, dreams really are that effective.

Watch subliminals, this helps breaks down mental blocks and to help your mind manifest that ability.

Visualization mediation. This is a type of mediation in which you listen to a subliminal, whilst visualizing yourself getting better at umbrakinesis. This is like a stronger self-affirmation and can be very effective.

If you wish to start an arguement please do so on my message wall, so I can contain all the skepticism better.

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