• Nowforever

    Id just like for this one to get put onto the  pyrokinesis Techniques 

    you simply put your hands in the shape of a triangle  with your index fingers touching and the rest of your fingers straight out, you should now be seeing a triangle space inbetween the hands, now all you do from here is use your 3rd eye and project the energy from the eye through the triangle to the fire ! for reference for those who have a hard time reading and understanding watch my video demonstraigting the technique vote this up if this tech is useful for you also ! 

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  • Nowforever

    Industria Andromeda

    November 29, 2013 by Nowforever for those that prefer it spoken  industria Andromeda (coined by Nowforever) is the ability to manipulate and control the void, the energy outside of our universe and the empty spaces between galaxies and stars

    There isnt much known about this ability because almost noone except the high Monks of india even then they dont practice it because of what the power may do to an individual

    you 1st Condition your body to accept the massive amount of energy that will be flowing through your body else it will make you explode so practice building up lots and lots of energy before you can even attempt this. if you are a Cosmokinetic Practice building up loads and loads of cosmic energy. to give you an idea of …

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  • Nowforever

    Hi NF here im going to tell you about how to open up your mind and the steps needed to unlock your power

    1st of all you need patience and a lot of it these abilities wont just come to you over night  ( it has taken me over a year to get to where i am today in Pyrokinesis) 

    2nd Keep an open mind to any ability you might come across even if it accidentally  persay you like candles around you while meditating  and they start to fliker and dance while you meditate or outside practicing your Qi gong and you make a strong burst of wind ( aerokinesis) " a mind is like a parachute doesnt work unless its open" - Frank Zappa

    3rd you need will power and determination to overcome any of these obsticles 

    now On to what you need 

    1st open up your Chakras to …

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