FANDOM for those that prefer it spoken  industria Andromeda (coined by Nowforever) is the ability to manipulate and control the void, the energy outside of our universe and the empty spaces between galaxies and stars

There isnt much known about this ability because almost noone except the high Monks of india even then they dont practice it because of what the power may do to an individual

you 1st Condition your body to accept the massive amount of energy that will be flowing through your body else it will make you explode so practice building up lots and lots of energy before you can even attempt this. if you are a Cosmokinetic Practice building up loads and loads of cosmic energy. to give you an idea of just how power this ability is if you absorbed only a fraction of void energy you would easily be able to defeat 100 psychic users all at full power... AT ONCE 


visualize yourself In absoulte  Nothing Everything is black and suddenly this massive amount of energy comes hurdling into your body taking over your Chi, you feel this energy all over your body your chakras are 110% open. your 3rd eye Glowing from the power you just received you send this energy to your hands and create a Uni-Ball a ball of energy so powerful that chi energy cant even scratch it

Opening inter-deminsional Portals

1st visualize the deminsion you wish to go to then visualize yours and create a Bridge between those to Deminsions 

1. Open inter-deminsional portals

2. Create new Deminsions

3.Destroy Dimensions

There Are probably others but As i said there isnt much known about this ability so be careful as this energy Could possibly Destroy your very Existance so use extreme Caution while practicing


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