Hi NF here im going to tell you about how to open up your mind and the steps needed to unlock your power

1st of all you need patience and a lot of it these abilities wont just come to you over night  ( it has taken me over a year to get to where i am today in Pyrokinesis) 

2nd Keep an open mind to any ability you might come across even if it accidentally  persay you like candles around you while meditating  and they start to fliker and dance while you meditate or outside practicing your Qi gong and you make a strong burst of wind ( aerokinesis) " a mind is like a parachute doesnt work unless its open" - Frank Zappa

3rd you need will power and determination to overcome any of these obsticles 

now On to what you need 

1st open up your Chakras to get your energy Flowing im sure theres a bunch of test you can take to see which ones you must work on ( but you must work on all of them)

2 you need to practice your ESP abilities ( Extra Sensory Perception) this will help open up your 3rd eye which in turn will help you connect with objects

3 Practice Daily For at the minimum an hour a day ( if your head starts to hurt stop until it stops hurting ) Meditate and Practice receiving and sending energy  this will help with your energy blasts, Qi gong will also help with this 

4 start out with an elemental kinesis (Aero, Pyro, Geo, and Hydrokinesis) Or Telekinesis as they are the foundation for most of the other Kinesis you may encounter I started out with Pyro and it has taken me a full year to learn how to put it out the flame and make the flame raise higher and get alittle hotter

5 remember to keep your mind open <-------------------------

6 Here is My youtube for alittle inspiration as it show my progression and what all i have learned over the months, My first Kinesis video was in June but i had started Last November/ October 

7 Live long and prosper, this step is VERY important, no matter what any one tells you if you believe this stuff is real dont let them ruin it for you skeptics are all over the world just waiting to shoot someone down


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