Blog summary: I'm creating a programm to train manifestation and technokinesis.

Precompiled binarys for linux and windows can be found here.

If you'ld like to contribute or build it your self from source you can do it here.

The Theory Behind

The programm generates randome boolean, characters or colors and count how often they occur.

The one which occured the most is taken.

The chanse that you can influence a random value at a given time is quite low (especially when you start for the first time) but if you concentrate for a longer time, there are chanses that your manifestation comes more often than the others.

Princeton’s intention and desire experiment

In a series of experiments done at Princeton University, researchers assembled about 300 people. The 300 participants then observed a computer screen which alternately showed one of two images – an astronaut or a leopard.

The beginning of the experiment involved the transition of the images on the screen at random and at various time intervals. Then, the researchers inquired to the audience what image was preferable, to which most responded the astronaut. After which, they were instructed to concentrate only on seeing the astronaut.

The images continued to be random for a short time after these instructions were given. Then, the image of the astronaut was the only one that appeared until the experiment was concluded. To many, this leads to the belief that random events can be altered with conscious influence.


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