If you are interested in dexterous combat then this is for you keep reading on because this is a guide to help you master dexterous combat

Physical training

Physical training is essential for this combat style in order to master dexterous combat you must be physically fit. You must be able to move quickly and dodge attacks at will to must also be strong. In order to gain speed you should try running and sprinting at a set routine i run and jog 33 miles a week and thats a minimum, running is also a good endurance builder and increases stamina. I think yoga is good for gaining flexibility and learning how to balance. you should workd with weights and increase muscle but not too. Much if you gain too much muscle you will be heavier and in order to be agile and dodge attacks you must be lightweight and swift. Leg muscle is also important it increases your overall jumping ability the heighest a human ever jumped was 8 ft and 1/2 an inch this record was set by Javier Sotomayor. I'm not saying you have to set a world record but it is still good to develop certain abilities and skills.

Psychic training

Psychic ability is like the mainframe for everything involved in dexterous combat i think it is a good idea to have the third eye awakened. I would also recommend meditating in order to heighten focus i would like to state that even though meditation is not alway required it is good for training. After this blog i will make a guide for meditation. below i will list some PK based attacks that will prove useful


PSI Flashing                                     

N and L

Successful PSI Flashing

 Description: an ability that is almost even simpler than a psi ball skilled ones are able to do this at will but beginner may be able to do this in a few short weeks

                                                                                                                                                       PSI Ball

Blue balll

A nicely made psi ball


Something you should all know about this ability is known by all and can have a variety of effects depending on what the user wishes to happen

PSI Beams

Better beam


 Description: A PSI Beam is a ray of psychokinetic energy shot from a PSI Ball

Elemental manipulation





Description: Being ale to generate and manipulate elements found on earth is an amazing ability.






And that is it for the Dexterous combat guide. I have only shown a few abilities but there are millions so please don't forget to explore! Please Comment! ^_^

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