I just wanted to make a quick clarification about something that has been floating around this wikia for about a month now. Okay so due to a misunderstood post people believe that I have some sort of mental problem because you guys seem to believe that I think I can defend myself with Psychokinesis. Well I DON'T. I never said that I can use psychokinesis to defend my self or my friends, I know very well that I cant. When I said that I have psychokinesis that applied to alot of things not blasting people away. I said that psychic powers would be useful on my travels for healing, hightned perception, and lighting fires (via ElectroK/PyroK) I never said that I could blast someone with psychokinesis or use PSI to defend myself. You guys are going about this all wrong... Well some of you anyway.

 Also someone said that I have anger issues with is not true. In fact I have been told by several people on many occasions that I have a very calm demeanor.

One last thing someone else said that me and my friends are running away based on a decision built on the foundation of our own greed and selfishness which isn't true. All three of us have suffered some form of abuse or neglect which is why we have made this decision.

Thank you! I just really needed to clear that up it's been driving me CRAZY with all of these rumors floating around I just HAD to make this blog. Anyway that was it. Have a nice day!

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