Hello everyone okay so i've seen the comments on my pages and i noticed some of you had questions like on Macrokinesis well first of all i would like to explain how i got that name you see the prefix Macro comes from the word Macrocosom which means world or universe and i would like to answer Divinity's question first the answer is 


An example of a macrokinetic universe

pretty much yes you see as the psi surrounds you your "mind" or astral body goes in to your world and leaves you physical body behind much like astral projection. A macrokinetic world can take on any landscape or appearence like in the picture that you can clearly see to the left even though it is not physical and the planets are not actually there the user manipulated energy to make it appear to be there a fact is since the world is yours you could literally visit the planets in the distance. And even though a contributor asked this question i will still answer it in order to visit a friends world you would have to astral project and then they would astral project and you would "Teleport" to the world disired and no you do not need to learn teleportation you just need to manipulate enough psychic energy to move your astral body to the world being visited.

That's it i hoped this helped! Pease leave a comment! and if you have another question put it on my message wall and i'll answer it in a blog ASAP

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