This has to do with teleportation have you ever heard of the series called Earthbound/Mother? it's is one of my favorite video games anyways i've played it on an emulator and i find it interesting how they teleport you know the whole running in circles or the running really fast and warping anyway i havent learned teleportation wet but i made a tech for those interested.


An example

Technique 1: First find an open space and then gather Ki to surround you almost like a PSI Shield( a side note this works even better with Jing Psi can be used also but if you want superb results Ki and Jing are recommended) Then once the energy surrounds you cause it to push you at amazing speed then create a Psi ball fire it ahead of you and cause it to became a portal of energy if you have done this correctly then you should feel like you're flying after entering the portal visualize the place that you would like to go if you have never been there then think of the locations name afterward simply tell the psi to take you there.

And thats just about it  hope you enjoyed also i'm good at creating techniques so if you need one leave a comment

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