Hello if you have read my blog you should know i am fond of the PSI Flashing ability. But it is actually quite unique lets find out why

What can it do?

PSI Flashing is unique for the effects it can have and what it can do. There are alot of things it can do so i will just list them below.

Paralysis - If enough power is added into your fingers and if you strike quick enough it can stun or temporarily paralyze your oppenent.

Hypnosis - By creating a psionic link between your finger and the persons brain you can hypnotize them and put them into a very deep sleep.

PSI Shields - Expand the energy from your two fingers to create a wall in front of you so that you can protect yourself from harm until the shield is broken.

PSI Counters - Use the same technique as you did for the shield but tell the energy to reflect attacks can turn psychokinetic beams and blasts back at the opponent.

Transferring Electrical Current - By flashing energy in your finger on both hands you can create a link in your body that transfers electricity from one point to another (You may need Electrokinesis for this).

Flashlight - If you allow the energy to stabilize you can use it as a simple flashlight(You may need photokinesis for this).

Psychic Blow - If you flash energy and hit someone with it, an uncomfortable sensation will be caused by energy that generates pain for a few seconds.

That's it thanks for reading!

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