You know I hate skeptics and what they believe. Every PSI ability on this wiki has been mocked laughed at and made a fool of. People think that we are crazy that we see things and that PSI is nothing but a made up story but I say different. Each and every one of us are born with a certain level of psychic ability when I was younger I had psychic dreams and was mocked for beliving in what i did. My mom was ashamed and I was a laughing stock. I was completely humiliated.

People tried to put me in Mental facilities but failed to do so. Now I'm only a preteen and I still am working to master the psionic arts. Basically what I'm saying is don't give up we really are special, all of us. But soon when people realize the error of their ways we will be known as the people with abilities that defy all scientific explination the people who use their ENTIRE brains or in other words we will be known as the people who used nature's gift to humans.

Dont give up I know it's hard but just wait, who knows psychic ability could be the future of human life and people will look back and say to us: you were right. We are all amazing especially us I know people make fun of us but it's okay because it makes us stronger and we become better people by enduring it. I just wanted to write this in order to encouage us to not let the bustling city life of our world overtake us. Please comment and I beg you to take these words to heart.

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