Pendants, charms, and lavalieres are not just neckelaces, they are releated to PSI and have many uses some of which will be listed here.
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Pendants can be used to protect you from psionic attacks as well as possesion and telepathic attacks

Protection from PSI - Pendants work as psychic sheilds and actively protect the wearer form any energy based attacks.

Protection from ESP - Pendants can protect you from telepathic attacks and harmful energy waves that can be used to block your chakras.

Protection from Possesion and Spirits - If someone knows possesion and chosses you as a target you can easily sheild yourself by wearing Lavalieres and Pendants. You can also protect yourself from demons and evil spirits that try to harm you.

Psychic power-ups

By drawing energy of your choice ( PSI, KI, Jing etc.... ) And psychically sealing it into the charm you can tap into the energy and use it as a back-up if you have been over-using your energy. If you aren't low on psychic energy then you can use it to boost your energy by powering yourself up. It will be very easy to use PSI. The results vary from person to person but a few could be...

Flaring PSI balls at will

Enhanced psychic awareness (Permanent)

Being able to use Clairvoyance at will

Rapidly expanded ESP

Visions that could potentially hold serious information

P.S. Psychic power ups are permenent and are added to you psychic energy field which makes pendants very useful objects.

P.P.S. This is also related to magic and wiccan practices

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