The Advanced Psychic Training Program: Cryokinesis/Glaciokinesis Week 1

How It Works

Knowing how an ability works plays a big part in demolishing the non belief barrier and helps you gain a bigger understanding of what is really happening instead of just raising your shoulders and saying "I did it with my mind"

CryoK/GlacioK is the psychic manipulation of low temperatures and ice. To use it you must use micro telekinesis to slow down the atoms and molecules or make them come to a stop which generates coldness and can cause certain substances and objects to solidify or freeze completely.


Meditation - First clear your mind and visualize a trail if frost and ice coming down from the universe and surrounding you. Visualize it envolping your body  in a bubble like a shield, maintain your focus you may feel a small chill but ignore it embrace the cold, coldness dosen't bother you you own the cold you can make it do what you want not the other way around.

Cold Generation - Visualize a stream of freezing cold energy shooting from space and entering your chakras through your third eye. Now, if you have done this correctly you should feel a strong chilling sensation exclusively in the third eye's location, so now that you have absorbed the universe's coldness, move it through  each of your chakras filling every one of them with Cryokinetic/Glaciokinetic energy. Once you have stored up enough energy vizualize all of your chakras simultaneously erupting into a violent raging blizzard, just don't overdo this or you may run out of the energy you got from the universe and drain your own, but if you do try using this for an extended period of time it would be best to practice radiating and pulling Cryokinetic/Glaciokinetic energy from the universe simultaneously.

That's it for week 1 in the next update we will cover changing the temperature of objects and substances. Thank you for reading! Please comment and share your results!

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