These are the three strange yet potentially strange visions i had recently. Please try to interpret their meaning in the comments, i have theories but who says i don't need help?

Vision #1

Location: At home meditating

Sensation: Dizzy

Recived: Monday (12-23-2013)

Vision: I see a somewhat large port town with windmills and white washed stone/granite houses shaped like cubes and blue dome-like buildings and a dock filled with ships. Then a young boy (About 6 or 7) ran up to the pier and began shouting at me in a foreign language that i could not understand while i was on a leaving ship.

Vision #2

Location: In bed asleep

Sensation: Painful headache

Recived: Friday (12-27-2013)

Vision: In a vast tropical jungle with temples and ruins me and seven others in my age group (12-19) discover a shrine built up in the branches of several large trees when a girl in our group pulls a gem encrusted neckelace from her pocket and begins to pray with it on her chest.

Vision #3

Location: Up in a tree during zen meditation

Sensation: Minty fresh cooling relaxation sensation in my brain

Recived: Sunday (12-29-2013)

Vision: In a seemingly European city plauged with orange rooftops aqueducts and a bell tower in the middle i appear atop the bell tower confronting a young man emmiting strange psychic power and giving me a nasty look.

Thats it plz comment \(^o^)/!

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