PsykJames here with another blog post but this one isnt so good as you know i am very enthusiastic about psi but lately i have run into some serious problems. Something strange is going on and i don't know what it is or how to stop it first i experienced trouble making a psi ball at first i could make them reslly dense and clearly visible but now everytime i try i feel like the energy isn't even there and it's the same way with any of my abilities that involve any energy manipulation what so ever but for some reason my ESP based abilities seem to be doing great i can see auras and dowse more easily than ever i can astral porject in less than a minute and i can accurately predict just about anything. So basically i seem to be rapidly losing progress with anything that involves psychokinesis however i seem to be getting ever sharper with ESP abilities and no i have not been trying to enhance my ESP if anything i have been training with energy manipulation the most so please help i have absolutely positively no idea what to do.

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