• I live in Oregon
  • I was born on November 4
  • My occupation is Artist | Student | Photography
  • I am Female, married
  • Réalteolaí

    An Apology...

    December 13, 2015 by Réalteolaí

    Demise, you're a wonderful person and I apologize for the way I acted just a few days ago; I am in a very bad place at the moment, recently a family member, one very close to me and my family, lashed out at both my mother and I, sending each of us a rather nasty message and blocking us from his Facebook immediately afterwards - all over a Windows 7 Installation disc he had promised to send me in September and while I know that this does not excuse my behavior, I wanted to give you an explanation along with my sincerest apologies. I should not have taken my anger and frustrations out on you and for that, I have seen the error of my ways... 

    To anyone else reading this, I would like to apologize to you as well. I have wronged everyone here, n…

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