Rêveur of the Night

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  • Rêveur of the Night

    Those who were kicked off of the chat, it's back up and running.

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  • Rêveur of the Night

    Once I get enough feedback I will/will not implement this idea but here it is.

    Whenever someone is idle on chat for long periods of time 45+ mins I will pm them asking what they are doing (Examples: Pming someone and ignoring main chat, just watching, etc.) After sending the message I will wait roughly 20-30 mins to get a responce. If I get no reply I will kick them (not ban) to free up memory and space on the server.

    I would like everyone to tell me wether they think this is a good idea. Please voice any question or concern you may have. The more feedback the better. 

    UPDATE: Extending the allowance time for afk to 1 hour+ instead of 45 minutes. Waitiing time for a responce on the warning message increased to 30-45 minutes. Will ask multiple…

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