aka Emperor Robert McCreed I

  • I live in North America
  • I was born on February 11
  • My occupation is Emperor of Akar
  • Raoulduke22


    August 23, 2013 by Raoulduke22

    Stopped a thunderstorm today.

    I could always kinda make it rain a few days after I wanted it to, but I think I'm starting to get better at stopping the rain.

    Each lightnig flash sent static-y tingles through my body. Felt pretty damn cool.

    I tried the thing I did to improve the video quality on my ipod again today and it worked again, but was a little harder to control since I was trying to enjoy the music at the same time and didn't focus as much. Also, I was farther away from the router this time.

    Baby steps, people. I'm trying as hard as anyone. Jamil's subliminals really help, too.

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  • Raoulduke22

    Some Stuff

    August 22, 2013 by Raoulduke22

    So I've been trying Exomental Projection the past few nights and, like many reports I've seen, I can get to the blurring part, but no further than that except one eye (usually the left) will start going blind with a swirly feeling until I lose focus and everything goes back to normal.

    One thing I've been thinking about lately is that while a few of my (and other people's) claims seem a bit over the top and there's no real way I can think of to settle disputes between psions and "the supposed". I, for one, would be open to spar with anyone to settle any disputes, as that's the only way I can really think to go about doing it. It'll prove skills and make believers out of nons.

    Electrokinesis is one of my main focuses right now (it's most likel…

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  • Raoulduke22

    As I'm sure a lot of people have done, I'll be using this blog feature to record my progress in my training and practices. For this first post, I'll explain what I can do as of now and to what extent.

    ESP - I constantly have run ins with this, mainly in the form of precognition. This often results in deja vu and a premonition can be anywhere from seconds to years before the event takes place. One example is stating, not guessing, which elevator out of five will open. Another example is an idea I had for a movie when I was 12 where death row inmates would be controlled by gamers in an FPS style tournament in which the winner would be freed. A few years later, the movie Gamer comes out which follows the same basic idea. I've read minds, state…

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